Our Approach


Listening to our clients, listening to payers, and listening to patients.


Thinking about the needs of clients, payers and patients


Creating a strategy that will bring out the best in a new product while benefiting each constituency

Our Story

Enlightenment was founded in 2016 by Ed Pezalla, an experienced insurance and managed pharmaceuticals executive who wanted to bring  over 25 years of industry experience to firms with the most exciting new products. So far we have provided strategy consulting, advisory boards, and sage advice to cutting edge companies in oncology, gene therapy and novel small molecules.

Ed Pezalla

Founder & CEO

Dr. Pezalla in a leading innovator and consultant on payer strategy for pharmaceutical and device manufacturers. He focuses on unlocking the value of new products by developing industry-leading approaches to incorporating payer requirements into development programs, technology assessment plans, and value frameworks.

PayerSpace Conferences

Our exciting new conference on access and payment is focused on the biotech industry and new products.

PayerSpace(TM) Conference Cambridge will be December 5, 2017 at the Hotel Marlowe, Cambridge, MA